Autumn season 4/8 - 9/9 (+ 1 week gift) 2018

Not as supplement to spring season (Winter storage = 500 DKK)

Call us for available sites    Price autumn Comments
Autumn weekends 1.900 DKK Only usufruct weekends (4/8-16/9 incl)
Autumn full 2.700 DKK Usufruct all days 4/8-16/9 (week 32-37)
Autumn expanded 3.700 DKK Usufruct all days 28/7-16/9 (week 31-37)
Autumn extra 5.800 DKK Usufruct all days 21/7-16/9 (week 30-37)
+ Appendix beach site 1.400 DKK  
Electricity: Basic fee + utilities | 100 DKK + utilities (3 DKK per kwH)
Extra specified person: 200 DKK | Extra specified playmate: 200 DKK
Day guest: 15 DKK | Day guest season ticket: 200 DKK | Overnight guests season ticket: 600 DKK

Conditions long stay

A long stay site may be used by the core family (spouse / cohabitant and children/grandchildren under the age of 20). All others are considered guests. Note: It is the responsibility of the site owner that guests pay if no guest ticket has been purchased.

Payment terms all-year season

Half the amount is due to payment in the reception no later than April 1st. Remaining amount no later than 1st June. Late fee 100 DKK

Payment terms spring and autumn seasons

Prepayment at the beginning of the season.


No deposit is required, but cancellation must be made no later than 1st January (autumn season 1st July). If canceled later, a fee of 1.000 DKK will be charged. If cancellation later than opening day the number of days you have occupied the site will be charged.

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